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OneAgent TR for CPE
Software Client for enabling TR-069 in embedded devices (CPE)

TR-069 software stack for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

As TR-069 is becoming a must-have for an increasing number of CPE types and networking devices deployed in both Telecom, Service Provider and Enterprise networks worldwide, the need for supporting TR-069 is becoming vital to manufacturers when releasing new products for these market segments.

Works Systems, Inc. provides a turnkey TR-069 agent for embedding into Customer Premises Equipment, reducing time to market for vendors met with a market requirement for TR-069 management.

The agent can support virtually any type of CPE, whether the CPE is a traditional gateway, a LAN device or uses an entirely customized object model. The Works Systems agent have seen implementation in a large number of different device types, ranging from DSL routers, Set-Top Boxes, VoIP devices, IP Cameras to Digital Home control systems and Powerline Communications devices. It supports the latest TR-069 standards and amendments including TR-069 a3, TR-157 a3, TR181 and Software Management functionality. The Open Service Gateway Initiative (OSGi) interface is also supported. OneAgent helps device makers, platform and chipset providers to develop applications easily with the service and software module oriented features on multiple frameworks and environments. The agent has an extensive track record from a large number of industry-leading manufacturers and is available for Femto applications, Digital Home and M2M Services.

Small and extendable

The agent includes the full protocol stack required to implement TR-069 and related management protocols, such as TR-104, TR-106 (or any TR-106 derived data model), TR-135 or other TR-based object models and vendor-specific extensions.

The agent contains all required element for a TR-069 implementation, including

  • SOAP/XML parser
  • HTTP Client
  • API to CPE operating system
  • Command line utilities
  • STUN support (for TR-111, behind NAT management)

In essence, the CPE only need to provide an IP layer interface to the agent. For the support of SSL/HTTPS, the agent can utilize OS-provided SSL libraries.

The implementation of parameters is modular, configurable and flexible, allowing unsurpassed simplicity in the extension the TR-069 parameters supported.

In recognition of memory requirements being of utmost importance to the cost of CPE production, Works Systems, Inc. is constantly striving to achieve the smallest footprint, memory and thread use possible for the agent, and has a very minimal requirement for external libraries, further reducing the need for footprint by a limitation in external dependencies.

Being completely self-contained, the agent do not include open source elements.


The agent is highly portable between different operating systems commonly used in CPE's. The turnkey version is delivered for several versions of Linux, however, Works Systems Inc. provides both turnkey solutions, porting and integration services for other commonly used operating systems, for example standard versions are available for VxWorks, WinCE and others. Works Systems has extended experience in delivering the OneAgent even for very resource-restricted devices.

Support and Interoperability

In addition to porting and integration, Works Systems, Inc. provides support and interoperability services (IOP program), allowing vendors a hassle-free route to market with an ensured interoperability in accordance with the latest versions of the TR-standards and testing specifications. Optionally, Works Systems can provide consultancy, assistance and even outsourcing of CPE implementation.

In addition to the interoperability program, Works Systems provides a dedicated test-tool for local lab testing and field engineering, allowing complete in-house testing of TR-069. The OneCentric 8200 IOP is a portable appliance-based ACS, which have been specially developed for use in interoperability testing and TR-069 development. The OneCentric IOP appliance offers a unique set of tools for implementation, testing and verification of TR-069 interoperability, including:

  • Ethernet Packet tracing
  • TR-069 and all related standards (including TR-106-based object models)
  • Auto-testing (including PD-128)
  • Real-life testing
  • Fault-handling tests
  • Custom testing of vendor-specific parameters
  • Multiple devices
  • Scripting
  • Auto-generation of interoperability test-reports (.pdf format)

Read more about the OneCentric IOP here

More information

For more information about the OneAgent TR and interoperability services, please contact a Works Systems representative. Works Systems' worldwide offices and contact information can be found here arrow.


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