Works Systems Telecom Device Management is a complete solution that minimizes telecom operation costs and complexity in managing devices in service networks. From service activation, device provisioning to after-sales service change, firmware update device configuration and troubleshooting, all could be achieved remotely from Telecom Help Desk. With the prompt service and device management capabilities, telecom could deliver even better services to their customers.


Followings are feature highlights of Works Systems Telecom Device Management Solution:

  • Zero-Touch Installation: OneMS could auto detect, provision and configure devices. Dynamic service profiles could be pushed to devices automatically.
  • Flexible Configurations: Multiple templates and profiles could be applied to different types of devices or services. The flexible mechanism simplifies configuration process.
  • Firmware Management: The appropriate firmware images could be distributed to corresponding devices through OneMS based on device type, schedule or policies.
  • Monitoring Devices: Devices status and performance are supervised by OneMS. OneMS collects device alarms sent by syslog and other specified method for managing device pro-actively.
  • Device Diagnostics and Troubleshooting: Specific device could be focused and diagnostic information could be retrieved for further analysis and troubleshooting.
  • Seamless Integration with Backend System: OneMS provides industrial standard interfaces for integrating with backend BSS, OSS and NMS systems. The integration is easy and the operation is simplified.