Works Systems Smart Energy Solution Received Great Interests at China International Industry Fair 2018

Oct. 1, 2018 – The Smart Energy Solution presented by Works Systems, Inc. at recent China International Industry Fair (CIIF) introduces a new generation cloud solution for Energy Management and brings in a unified management platform for Distributed Energy Resources (DER) including solar and wind power.

The Smart Energy is typically diversity and distributed in wild areas. How to manage and monitor these discrete powers is the primary challenge for power station owners and electricity suppliers. In CIIF, Works Systems, together with Advanio Technology and Elipse Software, launch a Smart Energy Solution that provides a one-stop Cloud Management Platform supporting multiple protocols including CIM IEC61970/IEC61968/61850, RESTful API, XMPP and OPC UA. It features data collection, remote monitoring and data visualization bringing customers an instant overview of power station status from the cloud to achieve high efficiency and centralized management. The Smart Energy Solution combining cloud and edge computing has received high attention from exhibition participants.

With IoT and data analysis technologies continued involving in applications, Miro Lin, IoT Division Vice President of Works Systems said “In IoT development, Could Management is the prerequisite for energy industry and other industrial related industries moving forward to smart industries. Only through Cloud Management, enterprises can accomplish the need of real-time status monitoring of assets and services, and will be able to response quickly to any operation changes.”

CIIF 2018
Figure: Works Systems and partners at CIIF exhibition


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