Works Systems successfully passed CMMI Level 3 Certification Review

April 9, 2018, Tianjin – Works Systems was successfully approved by CMMI level 3 review, showing that Works Systems has reached advanced international standard in process management, software development and project management. Since 2012 first certified by CMMI institution, Works Systems keeps rigorous attitude in improving R&D, service and management process and continues for the past 6 years.

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is the maturity certification of enterprise software products. It is the most authoritative assessment certification in software industry. The certification is a set of rules developed by SEI to verify the quality and quantity of software products. CMMI assessment includes a series of activities as of organizational process improvement, R&D management process, project support process, project management and other processes. It is a pass for software products to enter the international market.

The continue receipt of CMMI certification approves that Works Systems software engineering capability is above the standard. With the expansion of company business, Works Systems will provide customers with high quality of project risk management, project quality management, technical review management, implementation management, after-sales service management, and more.

 CMIMI-3 Certificate
Figure: CMMI Certificate for Works Systems


About Works Systems, Inc.

Works Systems, Inc. is a global software company specializing in the development of IoT and broadband device management solutions. Works Systems is a CMMI 3 certified company and is dedicated in providing robust and flexible solutions to meet customers’ business development. Works Systems’ total solutions include remote management clients, interoperability test applications, device management platforms and big data analysis solutions. Founded in 2004, Works Systems is headquartered in California, USA and have regional offices throughout South-East Asia, Japan and Europe. Its customers include operators, service providers and equipment manufacturers. To learn more, visit Works Systems