Works Systems, Inc. introducing a Smart CNC Machine Tool Management Solution at Edge Computing Consortium Summit to help manufacturing industry digitalization

November, 29, 2017, Tianjin, China – At Edge Computing Industry Summit 2017 held by Edge Computing Consortium (ECC), Works Systems, Inc. submitted a topic of Smart Device Management Platform to help CNC machine tool industry move forward to intelligent manufacturing.

ECC Summit 2017
Figure: Miro Lin, VP of Works Systems, Inc. IoT Business Division presents IoT Cloud Platform Solution in ECC Summit 2017

ECC focuses on intelligent connection of things to meet the needs of connectivity, real-time, intelligence, data optimization, security and privacy protection during the process of industry digitalization. As one of the founding members of ECC, Works Systems recognizes the importance of edge computing for factories. Because of the security and digitalization is somehow the opposite, and traditional factories resistant of Internet, the edge computing technology introduced by Works Systems will be the best solution to fulfill factories step forward to digitalization. The solution provides flexible local deployment, reduces the risk of data leakage to the cloud, and improves computing efficiency.

Miro Lin, VP of Works Systems IoT Business Division states that by integrating the new generation information technology and advanced smart manufacturing, factories can apply edge computing architecture on CNC machine tool production, management, and services. Edge computing digitalizes workshop and factories, accelerates key equipment and applications and synchronizes manufacturing resources. Works Systems’ CNC Machine Tool Solution supports mainstream control protocols on the market. It can also collect machine tool production and environment data, monitor parts and cutter changes, calculate production performance and optimize automation, and eventually achieve the goal of smart manufacturing.

Through this industry summit, Works Systems and more than 600 industry experts and business leaders from Europe, America and China have discussed the leading edge technology and hot topics of innovative applications in order to benefit the industry development.


About Edge Computing Consortium (ECC)

As the focus of an emerging industry, edge computing has broad application prospects. It covers multiple fields including Operation Technology (OT), Information Technology (IT), and Communications Technology (CT). Further, edge computing involves many industry chain roles such as network connection, data aggregation, chip design and fabrication, sensing, and applications for a variety of purposes.

To promote in-depth industry coordination, accelerate innovation, and boost the application of edge computing, six industry entities have joined together to establish the ECC: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Shenyang Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), Intel Corporation, ARM Holdings, and iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. The ECC is dedicated to advancing cooperation among industry resources from government, vendor, academic, research, and customer sectors, and pushing forward the sustainable development of the edge computing industry. For more information, visit

About Works Systems, Inc.

Works Systems, Inc. is a global company specializing in the development of IoT and broadband device management solutions. Works Systems is dedicated in providing robust and flexible solutions to meet customers’ business development. Works Systems’ total solutions include remote management clients, interoperability test applications, device management platforms and big data analysis solutions. Works Systems is headquartered in California, USA and have regional offices throughout South-East Asia, Japan and Europe. To learn more, visit Works Systems at