Works Systems, Inc. Smart Machine Tool Management Solution Awarded on Huawei Developer Challenge

Tienjin, China, August 21, 2017 – Works Systems, Inc. (WKS) Smart Machine Tool Management Solution awarded a prize on Huawei Developer Challenge 2017 held on Aug. 17 Shengzhen, China. WKS solution was outstanding over 1000 participants and at the final stage received the Third Award.

Huawei HDC Award
Figure: Works Systems, Inc. awarded on Huawei Developer Challenge

Huawei Developer Challenge was a campaign for global developers. Developers may present their own solution toward Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT and Digitalization fields relying on Huawei opened product portfolio. WKS Smart Machine Tool Management Solution was targeting on Machine Tool vertical market. The solution relies on Huawei Industrial Gateway as the access node to accommodate different brand machine tools to be managed by WKS IoT Platform. Machine Tool vendors and users could monitor their production status, cutters status, OEE, performance, field site humidity, temperature and CO2 degree from WKS IoT Platform and obtain the real-time status of their factory operation and productivity.

Industrial IoT devices vary from types and protocols. Huawei Industrial Gateway and WKS IoT Platform both support the cutting-edge container technology which allows the required software of specific protocol to be downloaded to Industrial Gateway, simply just like downloading an APP as we normally do. The management solution will no longer be device type specific. Instead, it can be applied to all other device types. Enterprises could reduce management cost and improve management efficiency greatly by applying a generic and centralized management solution.

Huawei HDC Award
Figure: The container technology framework of WKS and Huawei

During this campaign, WKS integrated OPC UA, MQTT and Modbus three different embedded agents into Huawei Industrial Gateway through the container technology and empowered Huawei Industrial Gateway the capability of device management, environment monitoring and alarm generation. Business will have the ability to manage Siemens machine tools, monitor factory humidity, temperature and CO2 degree, and generate alarms when the status of general I/O or reed switch has been changed. Real-time control of factory operation can be fulfilled.

“Through this campaign, we learned that a good a solution is a solution which can reduce the complexity when purchasing it. With the container supported Huawei Industrial Gateway, we developed the one gateway and one platform framework which allows our customer to manage their current and future devices without the need to add or replace hardware component.” says Miro Lin, IoT Business Division of Works Systems, Inc. “By applying the container technology, we could expand our services toward different vertical markets easily such as Smart Manufacturing, Smart Logistic, and Smart City. When dealing with different device types, our customers could simply download the relevant software, and activate the management function. When expanding business and equipment, enterprise will be able to achieve it quickly since there is no need to add extra hardware or replacement it.”


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