Works Systems, Inc. Launches New Generation TR-069 Agent Which Supports XMPP Protocol

Sunnyvale, California, May 31, 2017 – Works Systems, a leading provider of Broadband and IoT Device Management Solutions, has launched its new generation TR-069 Agent V. 6.1 series which supports XMPP protocol.

The TR-069 Agent is an embedded device client. It is now integrated with XMPP protocol to help Auto Configuration Servers (ACS) establish connections with devices behind NAT for management purpose. XMPP protocol is a newer mechanism for the traversal of connection request over NAT. It is defined in document Annex K of TR-069 Amendment 5 by Broadband Forum. A lot emerging IoT devices also adopt XMPP as their management protocol.

“With the XMPP protocol been introduced with our new TR-069 Agent, device manufacturers or service providers could better manage their services, especially for those cannot be contacted directly,” said Samuel Chiang, Senior Technical Manager of Works Systems, “Our solution can make devices be manageable and totally under your control.”

Starting June, Works Systems will deploy the new TR-069 plus XMPP Agent with several device vendor partners.

About Works Systems, Inc.
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