WKS, AIOTA and NTU held a workshop to accelerate IoT knowledge discovery and established an IoT cloud platform in campus

Sunnyvale, California, August 25, 2016 – Works Systems, Inc. (WKS) and Asia IoT Alliance (AIOTA) lineup held a workshop of IoT Device Management & Data Analytics Solution in conjunction with Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering, National Taiwan University (NTU) yesterday in Taipei, Taiwan.

The workshop is to provide an introduction for participants from academia, industry and other related parties to understand the emerging IoT topic relevant to device management and data collection. A WKS IoT Cloud has also been built in NTU campus offering students and makers a free access platform for homework assignment, project, research and early IoT development.

NTU Workshop
Photo: Keynote speaker Dr. Daniel Liu, CTO of Works Systems, Inc., at NTU workshop

During the workshop, an If-this-then-that use case has been presented, i.e. a humidity change on a sensor connected with an Arduino can trigger an event of turning on a light which is connected with a Raspberry Pi. Students are beneficial from simply a few clicks on the web to complete an immediate chain action and interaction between two devices.

NTU Workshop Demo
Photo: Arduino and Raspberry Pi interaction demo at NTU workshop

“We all hear that IoT market will worth US$ 3.9-11.1 trillion in 2025, “ says Chien-Chih Liu, CEO of AIOTA. “However it is fragmented in diversified industries and vertical markets, and engages different parties from different industries. With an open-standard support and ready-to-use platform, we will save a lot of time and resources in developing service applications. This is why we would like to bring in the platform as a tool for NTU and related parties. With collaboration, we make things work.”

“The major value and revenue of IoT will come from the service applications, “says Dr. Daniel Liu, CTO of Works Systems, Inc. “Market requirement will only be fulfilled by rich service applications. WKS’ core competence is on providing device connectivity, control and data collection. We do best on the platform and help developers add their service applications on top of us. With more creative service applications, we could embrace the arrival of IoT regime.”


Asia IoT Alliance (AIOTA) is the first non-profit, international standard, cross-industry development and supply chain collaboration open platform for IoT development in Taiwan. Members of AIOTA range from ICT industries with over 25 years industry experiences. AIOTA collaborates with experts from software, system design, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and retail to work on IoT solutions and partners with a variety of international standard organizations to win more opportunities in IoT global market. For more information, visit http://www.asiaiota.org/

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